Interact to build Trust

A Course on tips for effective healthcare provider and patient interaction for trust Improvement

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Why is there an urgent need to improve communication skills in healthcare?

A study report from the Annals of Internal Medicine show an ever increasing cost of physician/provider's burnout to the healthcare system. (Approx. $4.6 billion in cost related to physician turn over and reduced clinical hours is attributed to burnout each year!)

Further NPR study report reveal that 56% of doctors say they do not have the time to be empathetic.

The soft skills of communication help convey interest, attentiveness, and compassion which are vital attributes for trust development between the healthcare provider and patient.

It helps to improve the quality of healthcare practice, creating a sense of value for the practitioner, which ultimately reduces the risk of burnout /turn over and overall cost of healthcare services.

Let's learn the tips for developing the skills on how to interact constructively and build a trusting environment with patients when different emotions as anxiety, fear, elation, mistrust, dependency, anger, etc. are encountered in the various healthcare settings.

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Featured courses which are based on findings from research study reports and on her book contents have received accreditation by the Nationally recognized accreditation agency ACCME to grant CME/CE credits to healthcare practitioners!!

There are many factors that contribute to communication breakdown and poor trust development

Let's unravel the secrets and conquer the mystery of communication anxiety!

Your Instructor

Nonye Tochi Aghanya
Nonye Tochi Aghanya

Family Nurse Practitioner (RN, MSc, FNP) * Author * New York

Rising fears and anxieties can manifest as diverse patient behaviors and attitudes which can create mistrust in the healthcare settings. Mission: create awareness of the factors that contribute to this issue and more importantly, highlight the solutions that can be implemented to help alleviate the problem of mistrust in healthcare. MSc. degree as a FNP, Pace University NY, worked in various healthcare settings for over 30 years, contact with patients of various backgrounds, extensively studied patient behaviors. I’ve analyzed the effects of various communication styles on behaviors that occur due to underlying anxieties that patient display in the healthcare settings. Published various resources (books/online master class): Improving communication patterns in healthcare to help alleviate anxieties and improve a trusting environment. Original, unique, and innovative content based on reviews of existing research studies, numerous interactions with diverse groups of individuals in the healthcare settings for over 30 years. A fellow of American College of healthcare Trustees, I’m married, have four daughters.


One may think that education is expensive which may be true in some instances, but have you considered the detrimental cost of ignorance, intolerance, and reservations which if not addressed, could become generational.....

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